Hello world… Really. OR: I’m starting a blog again

I’m starting a blog – again.

I’m tempted to write a history failed blogs – there have been many, most of which have been rather short-lived – but instead I am starting with a short history of the short life and death of the previous iteration of this blog.

It lived in an era when a younger and much more naive version of my believed that I could become a trendsetter lifestyle-person. However, this version of me was not yet living truthfully – and I guess that the necessary maintenance and tension of a public truth and a personal truth was always the literally fatal flaw in my “public” writing. So, with my previous blog, two things happened:

  1. My daily reality changed in shade – which not only made it near impossible for me to maintain untruthful truthfullness, but also required every single ounce of energy to be focused on minute-to-minute daily survival
  2. I got a pet. My last post was on my obsessions with lovebirds. I then got a lovebird and a mechanism of coping with 1. was creating a social media presence for my pet. Haribo was famous – but then sadly passed.

So, the intent here is to instead of writing through a filter that would put Instagram to shame (but also not falling into the trap of unfiltered confessionals), write truthfully on the things that live in my mind. This will most likely take the following shapes:

  1. Reflections on my experiences
  2. Thoughts and hypotheses on a variety of topics
  3. Stories or dramatisations of events
  4. Wildcard

Let’s see how this develops then…